Research of Chief Audit Executives shows that the number 1 important skill in the accounting and auditing services space is Data Analytics, commonly referred to Computer-Assisted Audit Techniques (CAATs). It also shows that these skills are the most lacking and need to improve. The importance of these skills is that they provide for more efficiency and effectiveness, reduce risk and cost, identify other revenue streams, and add value to the business.


This session will take you through the considerations of coming up with your vision and the steps you might take to bring it to fruition. This includes identifying where in the entire audit lifecycle, the data is relevant, through to the steps needed to build the data capability within your function. We will share with you experiences and case studies from industry professionals.

We will address questions such as:

The benefits this will provide you are:

* Where do I start?

* What’s ready for data in my auditing plan?

* Which technologies are hot right now?

* Can you afford to audit without CAATs?

* What CAATs are, and what benefits data analytics bring

* What type of data analytics software is right for you

* How to go about carrying out a trial and evaluating CAATs software

* Credibility with your stakeholders – getting buy-in

* Value add to the organization - More insight with less effort and more coverage, and greater likelihood of turning your insights into practical actions.

* Sustainability and agility – an audit function which can keep pace with your changing business.

* Controlling costs and increasing efficiency

* Create new opportunities - Data audit can be creative and forward looking.

* Managing exposure to risk - The ability to move to leading indicators of risk rather than lagging.

* Compliance with regulations and guidance

Who should attend

The forum aims to bring together professionals in the Internal Auditing and External Auditing space of financial assurance, IT auditing, Tax auditing and the related auditing spectrum. This includes CAAT specialist, Data Analytics auditors and/or Fraud Auditors, Chief Audit Executive, Chief Financial Officer, Chief Information Officer, Heads of Internal Audit.

The invite is also open to recently qualified Chartered Accountants and professionals with interest in the performance of Computer-Assisted Audit Techniques (CAATs)